A Letter from the Editor

Starting up a new magazine has the look and feel of purchasing a new pair of shoes or cowboy boots for the first time and then taking them out for a nice long walk. You never know until you wear them for a bit whether they are too small and will give you blisters, too big so your heel is slipping around or will feel so good that you imagine you are wearing your favorite pair of worn slippers.

Our hopes in creating BizNevada is that it will give local business owners like you something you have been craving for a long time—a behind the scenes look at what makes local businesses not only tick, but struggle and thrive too. We aim to share information that is engaging, informative and eye-opening. Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes or boots takes time, we realize it’ll take some time to get comfortable with our monthly publication and call it your own.

Our intent is to breathe and grow with our readers and give you what you crave most. That’s why we’d love your feedback as well as ideas on future topics. Drop us an e-mail at info@biz-nevada.com. We can’t wait to begin this journey together.

Corrine Casanova

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