The Rodeo We Call Insurance

The Rodeo We Call Insurance

by Mike Menath

Today’s modern society sure does have its complexities. I mean what could be easier and tougher than breaking broncos, roping cattle, branding steers, and wrestling calves all day? I certainly don’t mean to say that it is easy by any means; maybe, in its ambition, but certainly not in the execution of it.

Sometimes I hunger for driving cattle from point “a” to point “b. I yearn for no cell phone, email, fax or computers, just me, the animals and certainly my dog. I sure can tell you insurance is not nearly that simple, modern times (with the amount of actuarial data) call for the most inane complexities. Most days I go home after sitting for many hours of the day, just as drained as a cowboy (maybe I need a new gym membership, but I digress). Sometimes I truly yearn for a job where my sole complexities lie upon animal husbandry and rodeoing. However, with the choices I have made, God found it more suitable for me being an insurance expert than a cowboy. What I find myself doing is honest and honorable. After all, I am protecting people from financial ruin. I am the antithesis of a bad country song. When all is going bad, great coverage can make it right. With that said, I’d like to keep it brief but explain what an insurance agent can do for you or your business.

With today’s modern technology; Flo on TV (Progressive Insurance), a “too politically involved duck (AFLAC)”, A lizard talking about how much money you can save, and cavemen buying insurance (Geiko), vanishing deductibles and Peyton Manning (Nationwide), the name your own price tool (Progressive), the mayhem man (Allstate) and talking about whether or not you are covered from your dog’s synchronized swimming in your living room (Farmers Insurance). You as consumers certainly have a lot of BS to wade through. What crazy noise has been brought to this profession. I mean, after all, who cares about the extreme “one-off” where a neighbor’s car is stolen by a monkey, filled with water by a spouting whale and then driven into your business where the water damage causes mold. Meanwhile, your neighbor is suing you for screaming at the monkey calling it harassment. Truthfully, all one cares about is if there is coverage or not. I don’t blame you, and that is where a reputable insurance agent comes in. I’d recommend an agent that represents many companies and has the freedom to tailor a policy for you.

Would you shoe your horse with a one size fits all shoe? Of course not. An agent that has options is the way to go.  If your agent is good and coverage is found, you can simply tip your hat and give that satisfactory Copenhagen grin. A great agent is one that is able to decipher what specifically you need but more importantly what specifically you don’t need. Your business, whether it be equine, white collar or blue, deserves better than just the cheapest price. You deserve coverage! After all, one phone call could save you 15% on car insurance; or it could cost you 15 years of wages and your business.

At the end of the day, my job is easy. I don’t get to rope and ride but I do get to protect people. I’m like a country song played backward. When your business floods, your cows die, your crops never grow, your old time truck is stolen; let me be the answer to get it all back for you. Let me hit rewind and set things right. I can’t replace a dog, an ex-wife or a one of a kind buckle; but then again, maybe I haven’t looked into your policy yet!

Menath Insurance is an independent insurance agency with headquarters in Incline Village Nevada and an office in Reno Nevada.

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