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The first order of business, welcome on behalf of our staff to bizNEVADA Magazine, this vision would have never been realized without the belief and support of our sponsors, the incredible efforts of Thom, our Creative / Design Director, and Corrine our Editor.

So how did this all happen? Fourteen months ago, my partner and Co-Publisher, Chris O’Sullivan came up with the idea of a local business magazine, I believe I said something along the lines of, are you kidding. As I have learned over my brief sixty years, when writing, context is everything and in this case, I feel it is important for me to explain.

Chris and I have worked diligently to prove our concept of hyper-local content, delivered directly to our market audience works. When we started our sister, residential publication four years ago we were in less than 4,000 homes, today we serve more than 17,000 households. So now you have an idea of why my first response was, are you kidding me, we have been busy.

I believe it is important for you to know our publishing company is locally owned and operated and has a very simple vision, to support, inform, connect, educate, and serve business and industry in northern Nevada. Our primary goal is to serve as a connector between the various sectors of business and industry and to promote an information flow involving business, our regional chambers of commerce, economic and development authorities and regulatory agencies. I would be remiss if I did not express our gratitude and thanks to the chamber of commerce reno + sparks and Ann Silver for her welcome letter.

I would like to initiate a brief moment of thought and contemplation and then I will let you move on to enjoy this inaugural issue. If I were to start a list of some of the commerce sectors, think about how they have impacted northern Nevada:

Mining, Utilities, Gaming, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation, Education, Health, Technology(to name a few), and let’s not forget the regions numerous small businesses (1-50 employees) which have it’s our set of unique challenges, how many discussion points could you come up with?  This is why we are here.

Finally, each month we will look at a specific business located within our region. We hope that our insights as to how they operate, why they have been successful, their impact on our region and their vision for the region’s future are of value to you our most important asset.  We look forward to your comments and input, all the BEST,

Richard W. Moore


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