Do You Need a Business Card?

By David Spillers

I recently attended a meeting where the speaker said their company was so environmentally conscious that they do not even have printed business cards for their employees. The speaker was in sales and I was interested in buying from them. When I returned to my office, I had forgotten her name (I am over 50 so it happens if I don’t write it down immediately!) I remembered the company name, so I could have gone to their website and searched for this person, but I got busy and never did it.

Yes, you need a business card. Not just any old business card, but a card with a great design and your company logo so clients will remember you and your company.

Your business card is your first impression to a new client. Having a great business card that you can hand out at a moment’s notice shows professionalism and that your company is serious. Have you ever asked someone for their business card and they did not have one? That is one of those awkward moments when you begin to wonder if their company is real.

If you do have a business card and share it with your client, they will not only keep your card, but if it is a great looking card, they will probably show it to other people. It is one of the best forms of direct marketing there is. There is a chance that somebody you have never met will see your card and if they like it and need your product, they will contact you.

Have you been to a networking event or a luncheon where business cards are passed around the table? Collecting people’s business cards is a quick way to have all their contact information at your fingertips. Yes, we live in a digital age, and you could share contact information with your smart phones via text messages or email, but that is not practical in these situations. Plus, business cards work when there is no wi-fi signal and when cell phones batteries are dead.

I keep a few business cards from people I frequently work with in my desk. Last week, a client was in my office and needed a recommendation for a sign company and a florist. I had business cards for both and he put the cards in his briefcase and was grateful for the referral.

Finally, as with any printing project, a great design matters. Spend a little money with a graphic designer and get a design that really stands out and conveys the image you want for your company. Use good quality paper stock and have them professionally printed. Have a catchy tagline so potential clients instantly understand what your company is about. Print on the back of the card if you have additional information that you want to convey. After your face to face meeting is over, all the client will have to remember you is your business card. Make it a great one!

David Spillers is the President of DigiPrint Corporation.

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