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by Corrine Casanova


While the Beatles were singing about a revolution long before Kyle Reeves, founder of Revolution Online Marketing, was born, he chose the name for his business because of its meaning. In Latin, revolution means turnaround in a relatively short period of time. His intent is turning marketing strategies and results around quickly for companies and organizations.


According to Reeves, “When I started this business, I knew we could provide a better business solution for marketing that could completely revolutionize an entire industry.”


How Achieve Results? Big Data

One of the ways they do that is by lazar focusing on the customer’s target market. They use big data to achieve results. Reeves explains, “Each and every one of us has our own individual consumer profile. Everything’s tracked on consumers. That includes the certain type of shoes they like to buy and how much money they spend at grocery stores each week. Every time you swipe your credit card, search something online, open an email or interact with a social media post, your information and consumer habits are tracked and converted into data. On the back end the advertisers have access to this information. Big data influences all of your decisions.”


For businesses and organizations, the idea is to hammer down on your ideal audience so you don’t waste time or money recruiting people that aren’t interested in your product or service. At Revolution Online Marketing, they can guarantee specific results once the client is clear on who their target customer is.


Where are Consumers Searching?

Long gone are the days of paging through the Yellow Pages to locate a business. Today, it’s mainly Google based. Nine out of every 10 consumers are using Google to search for things. Reeves aims to capture consumers on client’s websites by grabbing their attention within five seconds of viewing as it has been statistically proven that if it takes more time than that, you will have lost the client. They streamline websites and make sure they are mobile friendly as most consumers search via their smartphones. Today, according to the Pew Research Center, 77 percent of Americans own smartphones.


Reeves noted that the Internet has changed the way businesses market and how it continues to evolve. Different platforms are popular and successful at different times. Twitter has become almost irrelevant for marketers while Facebook and Google are exploding. Revolution Online Marketing is constantly monitoring the ever-changing landscape and attempting to figure out where the next wave of consumers are going to be.


Snapchat is a social media outlet that is seeing more play. Fashion designers are now starting to advertise their new clothing collections on Snapchat. Google continues to revise their algorithms on a monthly basis and keeping businesses on the first page of a search is more important than ever.


Givers Gain

One core philosophy of Reeves comes from vocal entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) who preaches give more than you take in relationships. For example, give 51 percent and take 49 percent. Reeves uses this philosophy in all aspects of his life including his business transactions. He enjoys sharing his insight with clients and providing genuine change. He started the company in the garage of his college home with a vision. “I was just me as a kid with a computer and a dream. One of the biggest reasons why I got into this line of work is that I’m a humanitarian. I’ve been on mission trips where I work with local youth groups to achieve goals. I’ve dedicated my entire life to helping people. My company is no different. I try to figure out how best I can help others and still make money,” said Reeves.


There are seven employees of Revolution Online Marketing and Reeves noted that six of those employees were his friends from high school or college. He shared his vision early on and let them know they could be a part of it but would need to work their “behinds off.” He told them that it would be worth it if they trusted in the process. And it seems to be working. Reeves shares, “Our goal is to help our own business grow and help everyone else’s businesses grow.  When we do well with our clients, there is a ripple effect.”


“At Revolution Online Marketing we love to get up in the morning and work hard. We know we’re going to leave behind a legacy that will hopefully change the world in some form or fashion. That is a big part of why I started my business in the first place. I want to help local organizations and this community. I love northern Nevada area and would never want to live anywhere else,” Reeves concluded.


Watch out, this revolution is changing the world.

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