Employee Development Brings Bottom-line Results

by Extended Studies, University of Nevada, Reno

Top-performing companies recognize employee development leads to bottom-line results by staying relevant and competitive in their industry and retaining experienced staff. Extended Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno can deliver targeted courses at your site or ours—designed with your budget, goals and business in mind.

In decades past, it was common for employees to spend their entire career with the same company. Loyalty was valued and it went both ways. Companies rewarded longevity and loyalty, and employees put company priorities before their own.

Times have changed. It’s a job-seeker’s market, and employees no longer have that bond of loyalty. Consequently, businesses must rethink the role of continuing education in their corporate strategy if they want to retain employees.

A recent survey conducted by the American Management Association found: “Employee development issues were of top importance for employees and helped to improve retention. By offering educational opportunities, employees are inspired to both serve you better in their current positions while also grooming them as skilled candidates for other positions within the company.”

Who Benefits?

Educational benefits go beyond boosting morale. Employees who are satisfied in their jobs and who feel valued by their employers are less likely to actively pursue other job opportunities. Retaining the most-valuable employees also can save the company money—replacing an experienced employee can be expensive. Overall increased job satisfaction makes employees more productive and reduces absenteeism.

With Extended Studies’ extensive list of course options, businesses find everything they need to help employees gain vital skills. Who will benefit most?

  • Your company, its management staff and employees who recognize training and retention are key to bottom-line success
  • Your executives and managers, who need to remain on top of trends, regulations and practices across areas of general management
  • Key staff members who you want to grow into your next leaders
  • Recently hired employees or graduates who are new to the workplace and need to enhance a degree with applied skills

Your Needs, Our Solutions

Contract training can be targeted specifically to your business’ needs and schedule. Classes can be held onsite at your business, thus lowering the amount of time employees spend off-site, or at the University of Nevada, Reno Redfield Campus in south Reno.

Choose from a wide selection of affordable courses on up-to-the-minute topics. Customized programs also can be designed to suit your unique training needs. Participants will learn industry-specific information and new skills to stay on the leading edge of change. Instruction will help your company rethink and re-energize your goals, and it will offer objectives and strategies to manage a team, a staff and a company’s success.

Sample programs:

  • Human Resources
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Mediation and Conflict Resolution
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Project Management
  • Public Management
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Supervisory Management
  • Leadership
  • Business Software
  • Gaming Management

Courses are taught by industry experts and University of Nevada, Reno faculty. Extended Studies instructors bring fresh perspectives on the latest trends, competitive tools and best practices. “The instructor’s use of real-world experience and actual situations made the class very interesting for the students,” said Greg Gulla, engineering manager at the Hamilton Co. who recently participated in a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt contract training. Scott Sommer, another engineering manager at the Hamilton Co., also found value in the training. “The course demonstrates a philosophy and a methodology for improving processes in your career and in your life,” Sommer said.

 Extended Studies courses cover a wide array of topics to meet industry-specific needs:

  • Budgeting and financial management
  • Building a continuous improvement culture
  • Computer skills and graphic design
  • Customer recruitment and retention
  • Diversity and cultural awareness
  • Employee relations, assistance and orientation
  • Improving efficiency and decreasing costs
  • Interviewing and hiring practices
  • Management, leadership, coaching and supervision
  • Marketing and communications
  • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Performance standards, evaluation and review
  • Project management
  • Public speaking and public relations
  • Risk management
  • Team building and motivation

“We have enjoyed the variety of courses that UNR offers,” said Brettine Morris, training manager for Great Basin Federal Credit Union. “UNR has worked with our credit union to make this program personal to our needs. It offers consistency for our future leaders. We find that going to these courses as a group has helped build a better leadership team and ownership of what we have learned together.”

For more information about Extended Studies, visit www.extendedstudies.unr.edu or call 775- 784-4046.




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