Leading Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Firm Moves Offices to Reno


Leading Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Firm Moves Offices to Reno


Reno, NV (March 2, 2018)— Matt Girvan learned from the best. After high-level positions at Jaguar, Nissan and Danaher Corporation — legendary business successes that are synonymous with quality, efficiency, precision and remarkable Wall Street performance — Girvan founded MAG Consulting to bring those transformative business principles to companies across the nation.

Now Girvan is moving his firm to Reno, seeing an opportunity to help multi-national and medium-sized Northern Nevada companies compete in an increasingly demanding global business environment.

“Northern Nevada has tremendous advantages for manufacturing firms and product-driven companies, but each company still has to be competitive in a global marketplace,” said Girvan. “After spending my career in companies with deep cultures of world-class quality and business performance, I perfected how those same principles relate across industries and corporate structures. These management and operational secrets can unlock industry-leading results on the manufacturing floor, in the R&D division and throughout a complex supply chain for Northern Nevada companies.”

MAG Consulting specializes in re-wiring processes for huge gains in quality, productivity, margin and time to market. With each project, MAG targets a 10:1 return on investment or a 1,000% increase in the desired outcome.

MAG is unique because Girvan works with C-suite executives, but then rolls up his sleeves and works side-by-side with employees to devise and implement new processes, developing buy-in and participation across the organization from the beginning. He guides companies through actual execution of new processes, testing outcomes and making sure each is repeatable and sustainable.

Girvan leads all elements of the business. He brings high-level experience with corporations around the globe. His resume includes positions as a senior design engineer at Jaguar, a design engineering project lead with Nissan and global sourcing director and global lean leader for Danaher Corporation. As managing owner of MAG Consulting, he works with multi-national corporations across the nation.

“I am thrilled to be a part of the Reno business community during this exciting time of growth and opportunity,” said Girvan. “I look forward to partnering with innovative regional companies to unlock even more economic growth and success in the region.”

MAG Consulting was previously headquartered in Truckee, with Girvan spending the majority of his time on-site at client’s facilities both nationally and internationally. The company will now be headquartered in the Innevation Center on Sinclair St. in Midtown Reno.

For more information on MAG Consulting, visit: magconsulting.us

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