Rotary Club of Reno Biggest Little Bulb Project Blooms


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Rotary Club of Reno Biggest Little Bulb Project Blooms

RENO, NV – Spring has sprung in the Biggest Little City and the Rotary Club of Reno Biggest Little Bulb Project is starting to bloom. The community is invited to the Sculpture Garden at Bicentennial Park and along Riverside Drive to see the flowers and take photos.

The Rotary Club of Reno launched the Biggest Little Bulb Project last fall when they gathered donations for 15,000 spring flower bulbs. This project was made possible thanks to generous donations from Rotarians, Sierra Field Services Inc, NV Energy, One Nevada Credit Union, Eldorado Resort Casino, Silver Legacy and Circus Circus. After the donations were collected Rotary Club of Reno partnered with Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful for several community work days to plant the bulbs.

Rotary Club of Reno Biggest Little Bulb Project Blooms

The bulbs chosen for the garden will bloom in several stages. There will be an early bloom, mid-spring bloom, and late spring bloom. The early spring phase has started to bloom with Daffodils, Winter’s Wolf Bane, Windflowers, and Grape Hyacinth. The next phase featuring multiple types of tulips will begin in April.

The community is encouraged to visit the garden from now until the end of April to see the Biggest Little Bulb Project bloom. Volunteers spent hundreds of hours planting the flowers, so we request that visitors don’t pick the flowers and leave them for everyone to enjoy. Please take pictures, not flowers.

If you would like to donate to support Rotary garden projects at Bicentennial Park and Riverside Drive, please email For more information go to

Background Information:

The Sculpture Garden in Bicentennial Park has become a favorite destination for visitors in downtown Reno. The Reno Arts and Culture Commission partnered with Rotary Club of Reno to establish the sculpture garden, which features a rotating outdoor exhibition that is a part of Reno’s growing art scene. The park also features beautiful gardens, maintained by Rotarian volunteers, the City Parks & Recreation Department and Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful. Rotarians have been working hard to nurture the gardens and are now working on spring garden cleanup.

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