Simplifying the Complexities of Merchant Processing Services

Corrine Casanovaby Corrine Casanova

Locally owned PaidRight specializes in helping merchants set up, grow and manage their revenue streams. Tim Kirk, owner of PaidRight, does this in several ways:


  • Simplify the process for the merchant
  • Lower the cost of merchant processing
  • Help find the best processing solution
  • Create customized solutions, if needed

PaidRight’s tag line, the right way to get paid is something that Kirk strongly believes in. He recognizes each business is unique and have their own definition of the right way to get paid. Kirk has a spectrum of clients ranging from individual contractors (electrical, HVAC, etc.) and small businesses to enterprise sized businesses. No matter what the business size or professional service, (he works with many attorneys, doctors, dentists, etc.) Kirk’s goal is always the same: to simplify the process.

For those smaller businesses, their goal might be to set up a simple way to accept payments from clients and customers. Medium sized businesses may have started out small and while they have become more successful and grown, their payment processing system and administrative system might not be keeping up. Kirk explained that some business owners spend too much time on administrative tasks and managing money flow instead of what brings in the money. When smaller businesses begin to grow, they have two choices.

  1. They can keep the business small and keep it all. This means they limit their business to include and attract high value customers exclusively to increase their profit margin.
  2. They can expand their business by focusing on managing their business better. This may include incorporating a point of sales (POS) system, a customer relationship manager (CRM) system, acquiring more of a workforce. Some business owners realize they need to implement technology that integrates management of payment processing, cash flow, bookkeeping, inventory, scheduling, time clock, asset management to one simple dashboard.

When asked about finding innovative cost-effective solutions to common business problems, Kirk responded, “Business owners with brick and mortar often want a way to put their merchandise online too. Managing that online inventory online with the brick and mortar inventory can be tricky. Businesses want to have a unified inventory system in place. This is typically an expensive process. Instead, I have found solutions that do a great job with good price value. I can also help them with a payment process that is simple for the business and their customers, is very secure while keeping costs at a minimum.”

Kirk also assists enterprise scaled businesses using Enterprise Resource Planning systems like Oracle or SAP by providing native integrated payment processing.

Kirk started in the merchant processing industry quite by accident. As a business owner, he realized he was losing money by not accepting credit cards. When he went to his local bank and saw the terms of agreement for credit card processing, he felt it was way too much money. So, he started investigating different options. He signed up with a company on the west coast that had much more reasonable terms and was a good fit for him. He started telling other business owners who complained about their credit card processing fees and service. Eventually, he had referrals for five business owners who wanted to switch over. When he called to make the referrals, the company suggested he become a representative in the northern Nevada and in the eastern Sierras. Because he had only been receiving their merchant services for under a year, he told them he wasn’t comfortable selling a product he hadn’t used for very long. The next thing he knew, they were flying him to the company’s headquarters in California to convince him he was the right guy for the job.

“I explained that reputation is important here in Reno and I couldn’t sell a product unless I truly believed in it. After going to headquarters and meeting the people there, I was impressed with what I saw and then knew it was the right decision to become an independent agent,” he said.

Most businesses want to know how to process their payments and integrate their business. As Kirk is an independent broker, he can create the best solution out of a number of service providers. He explained that through experience he had discovered some merchant processing companies are better with certain types of businesses than others. He works with his clients to make sure they receive the best payment processing service, customer service and integrity.

Helping businesses get paid right and simplifying merchant processing systems is PaidRight’s specialty. For a complimentary review of yours, contact Tim Kirk at, 775-393-9669 or go to

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