Peanut Butter and Jelly…Better Together

by Mitch Tarr

Email marketing plus Facebook is just like peanut butter and jelly…better together. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Here’s a nice integrated marketing campaign that makes use of the power of email marketing combined with remarketing tools in Facebook. The concept of an integrated email campaign is to combine a message in one medium (email) with a matching or supporting message in another medium (Facebook).

The great thing about today’s digital marketing tools is you now have some of the same capabilities as companies with big marketing budgets. This process works whether you have a email list of 1,000 or 100,000 names.

Here’s the Simple Process

Let’s say you’re planning a summer campaign and want to offer your customers a 25 percent off coupon. To make this campaign work, you’ll need to have an email account to send emails to your customers. You’ll also need a Facebook Ads Manager account.

Step 1:  Create a Custom Audience in Facebook

I won’t bore you with the technical details on how to set this up. You can look it up on YouTube. Simply export the email addresses from your email system into a file and upload that list into your Facebook Ads Manager as a custom audience.

Facebook will match its users with your email addresses. You might find that 60 percent of your customers will match up.

Step 2:  Design Your Email Campaign

Now set up your email campaign with your offer. In this case we’re going with 25 percent off. The use of strong visuals will make it easier for you to tie in your email campaign with your Facebook ads.

Step 3:  Send Your Emails

This style of campaign works best with a multi part email series. For example, send message one email on the first week of the month. Then, send a reminder in the middle of the month and a last call with one day to go. Make sure you have a defined start and finish date for the campaign. Use tracking codes on your email visitors so you can see this block of traffic on your site and how it behaves and converts.

Step 4:  Create and Run Your Facebook Ad Campaign

This is the fun part. Design an ad campaign with images and a creative approach that looks like your email. It works best when people connect the dots between your emails and your Facebook ad.

Create your ad campaign and target this custom audience. This way only people who are on your email list will see this ad. Try to connect the subject line in the email and the title in your Facebook ad. Make sure you are also using tracking and conversion codes on your Facebook visitors so you can see how many of your email audience reacts to your ad.

Why This Works

Most people are bombarded with advertising during their day… and it’s no different online. You send an email to their inbox. You get their attention (maybe). Then, a sponsored post shows in their Facebook newsfeed. Then, a sponsored post shows in their mobile Facebook newsfeed. Then your reminder email lands in their inbox. Three days later, they see your ad in their Facebook newsfeed. <CLICK>

Frequency works in your favor. It’s been proven that repeated messaging is more effective than a single touch. It helps you break through the clutter.

This is a really powerful integrated campaign. Email + Facebook. Look into it.

Mitch Tarr is the CMO of Big M Marketing which solves marketing challenges and bottlenecks to maximize your ROI. For more information, see

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