Introducing SpectatAR™

SpectatAR Icon


I want to invite you to experience our event based Augmented Reality. If you are attending an event in the Reno area, make sure you download SpectatAR™ from your App Store and try it out! Just open the app and point it at any image that bears the SpectatAR™ Icon.

We would love to talk to you about any events you may have coming up, to see how we can help you add AR to your events to make them even more amazing! Our goal is to specialize in event marketing for this particular instance of our AR technology. Golf, Rodeo, Sporting Events, Concerts, Conventions, anywhere we can augment and improve the spectator experience with AR. Just use the Contact Us page with the subject SpectatAR.

“Why just be a spectator, when you can be a SpectatAR™!”